Coming Exhibitions

“Japan Supernatural” Art Gallery of New South Wales (Australia)

2 Nov 2019 – 8 Mar 2020
Artist Talk: Fuyuko Matsui Wednesday 6 November 2019, 6.30pm

"The Cycle of Life and Death"

Fuyuko Matsui is currently working on a project for Shinjyuku Rurikoin entitled "The Cycle of Life and Death".
The work consisting of 48 color on silk fusumas of 1950mm by 965mm each will be completed by the August 2021.

Past Exhibitions

Fuyuko Matsui “The Cycle of Life and Death”
26.Feb-3.Mar. 2018
Shinjyuku Rurikoin Temple

Fuyuko Matsui“Entropy”
Jan. 19-Mar. 16. 2013

Fuyuko Matsui “Night Blind”
Aug. 17-aug. 25. 2012

Fuyuko Matsui “Becoming Friends With All The Children In The World”
Dec. 17. 2011-mar.18. 2012
The Yokohama Museum of Art

A Film Fuyuko Matsui
The Yokohama Museum of Art

Drawings By Matsui Fuyuko
Feb. 2-feb. 28. 2012

Fuyuko Matsui Charity Auction For The Recovery of Northeastern Japan
Dec. 9-21. 2011

Matsui Fuyuko Paris Exhibition
“Matsui Fuyuko Exhibition”
Jun. 17-oct. 30. 2010
Galerie Da-end

Drawings by Matsui Fuyuko
Dec. 4- Dec. 2009

Hirano Museum of Art 20th Anniversary Special Exhibtion
” Matsui Fuyuko ”
Oct. 25-Dec.14. 2008
Hirano Museum of Art

“On Matsui Fuyuko”
Jun. 19-5. 2008

Fuyuko Matsui “Narcissus”
Dec. 15-Feb. 23. 2007

Fuyuko Matsui
Mar. 31-Apr. 28. 2005

L’espoir 2004 Fuyuko Matsui Exhibition
Apr. 12-Apr. 17. 2004
Ginza Surugadai Art Gallery